Serious $$$ on a Stick

Is twisted Chips a franchise and do I have to sign a contract?

No, Twisted Chips is not a franchise, it is a proven successful business opportunity that you will own 100% and there are no contracts to sign.

Are there any ongoing fees?

No, there are no ongoing royalty fees. You simply purchase the cart and the business is yours to build up a successful business and sell on.

Do I need catering experience?

Absolutely not!

Am I restricted to a certain territory or area?

There are no restrictions on where you work. Unlike territorial franchises that limit your opportunity to make a decent income, you can trade anywhere you like (within council regulations of course). You could travel the country selling Twisted Chips anywhere if you wish.  There are also other added value product opportunities so you never need to overlap with other operators.

Do I need a van or trailer to transport my twisted Chip Kiosk?

No, the kiosk has been designed to be collapsible and fit into a station wagon or most hatchback cars (with the seats down). You will need room for the other equipment too and of course a few bags of potatoes.

How do I cook Twisted Chips?

The whole snack is submerged into cooking oil, this makes the potato stick to the skewer and cooking takes around 60 – 90 seconds with oil at 180 degrees.

Where do I get my salts & seasonings from? 

There are many seasonings available throughout NZ from wholesale outlets, and most can be purchased for 1kg under $20.  We are happy to provide you with advice on best places to purchase these from for best range and pricing etc.

What size potato should I use?

A medium sized potato will give you a perfect end product. There are many potato varieties you can use for Twisted Chips.

How much can I earn?

That depends upon how hard you want to work, how many days you want to work and how quickly you want to develop your business.  You can earn anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Is it hard work and how many hours do I have to work?

When you have a line of hungry customers waiting to give you money it can be hard work but very rewarding knowing how much profit you’re making on every sale.

Can I sell other foods as well?

Yes, as it’s your business you can sell whatever you like. Not only can this great Kiosk be used for selling Twisted Chips but also many other high profit items such as hot chips, donuts, curly fries, onion rings, in fact any deep fried fast food snack you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

What if I want to sell my business?

There is no limit in place to the resale price of your business, you build a business that is ultimately worth many times what you have paid as long as you can show how profitable it has been for you. Again it is your business to do with as you wish.

I don’t have the money, can I finance the initial cost?

Yes, we do not offer an internal finance facility – please just ask. However, you can apply for personal bank loan, equity release loan or there are a number of personal loan companies such as “GE Finance” that can help. We can assist you with the application process if necessary.

Can I rent the Kiosk?


I’m really interested, what do I do now?


For all inquiries please call Sarah

027 278 0081
06 8700 091

If you want to see the Twisted Chips Kiosk in operation you are more than welcome to visit Sarah in the Hawke’s Bay. If you prefer to discuss it just on the phone or via video call on Skype that can be arranged too.

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