Serious $$$ on a Stick

Become your own boss today!

NOW is your chance to start your own part time or full time Twisted Chips business and reap the rewards and profits of the mobile fast food industry. Here are just a few reasons why you should get into Twisted Chips…

100% Recession Proof Business

Everyone HAS TO eat and unlike restaurants and cafes who are fixed to their location, Twisted Chips can move to where the people are and where the money is.

No Experience Needed

It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, who you know or what you do, anyone can launch their own profitable Twisted Chips business.

Low Start Up Costs

Your own Twisted Chips business can be started with a small initial investment and low running costs – some purchase finance is available.

Flexible Hours

Work the hours YOU want! – Most people start off with Twisted Chips part-time one day a week and soon earn more doing that than a whole week at work.

High Profit Returns

It’s no secret that Twisted Chips has one of the highest profit margins in any industry. Easily earn anywhere from $300, $600, $1000, $1,500 and more in a single day depending on your location.

No ongoing franchise fees

No ongoing franchise fees or complicated contracts to sign – you keep all your profits

No special vehicle required

No special vehicle required, the entire Twisted Chips Kiosk is designed to be collapsible and fits in most standard cars or station wagons and is 100% NZ made.

A real legitimate cash business

A real legitimate cash business with potatoes purchased at wholesale prices and sold for massive profits!

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Twisted Chips - DSC05451